For Family

Dear families, welcome to Roseforth! We’re thrilled to host you at our Airbnb apartment. Get ready for a memorable stay filled with comfort and warmth. As you settle in, we encourage you to explore the unique experiences we have to offer you. Let the adventure begin!

  • Discover the beauty of Athens National Garden, a serene oasis offering nature trails and family-friendly activities.
  • For wildlife enthusiasts, Attica Zoological Park promises a day of excitement with its diverse animal encounters.
  • After a day of exploration, unwind in the comfort of our Airbnb with a movie night—choose from Netflix or Disney+.
  • Enhance family bonding with board games thoughtfully provided for your enjoyment.
  • Don’t forget to check our website for recommendations on historical sightseeing and where to savor authentic local cuisine.

Your Athens adventure awaits—immerse yourselves in the city’s wonders and create cherished moments together!

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